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What sets us apart

What sets us apart

Owners of significant fortunes face increasingly complex challenges in managing their wealth in all its forms depending on the stage of their lifecycle. Pictet North America Advisors' sole mission is to advise private clients, families and institutions in the complex business of managing their wealth.


Introducing Pictet North America Advisors

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, diversifying your investment portfolio has never been more important. 

At Pictet North America Advisors, we build long-term partnerships with our clients to provide tailored investment solutions that protect and grow their wealth through challenging times. With our international perspective, we offer access to diversification and a reach to overseas investment opportunities.

Switzerland, our home country, is well-known for its political and financial stability and provides an ideal base for managing your wealth.Pictet North America Advisors is part of the Pictet Group, which has over 200 years of experience in weathering market turmoil and geopolitical uncertainties to provide stability and security for investors. Rooted in this history, we combine Swiss excellence and reliability with North American expertise to deliver superior investment services to our clients.

The world changes, but Pictet holds its course through market cycles and disorder. Our dedication to stability and investment leadership remains secured by our independence and commitment to the long term. We believe this approach serves our clients best.

Your ideas created your wealth. Our ideas ensure you preserve it.

Committed to long-lasting partnership​​​​​​

We are committed to ensuring that our relationship with you is founded on a genuine and long-lasting partnership.​​​​​​​

  • Swiss based

    Switzerland, the home of our head office, is well-known for its political and financial stability. Based in Geneva, a renowned financial center for private banking, we are able to put Switzerland’s asset management experience at your service.  Despite being Swiss-based, your advisors will be regularly available to you, either remotely or through frequent visits. 

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    We combine entrepreneurial spirit and long-term thinking. Our independence allows us to think and act long term, without external pressures to maximize profits. This means we can be entrepreneurs and actively pursue what we think makes sense – not what analysts or media may consider the flavor of the month. Our sole purpose is being your partner in managing your wealth.

  • Investment-focused

    Achieving your investment goals requires more than just managing financial assets. Pictet North America Advisors puts the specific needs of clients at the heart of our investment process. We rely on a community of independent-minded professionals to become a trusted investment partner for wealthy North American individuals and families.

  • Long-term

    In times of global unease, we retain perspective by resisting the temptations of short-term thinking and opting instead for a focus on the long-term. This is the approach we use in managing our operations as well as our clients’ wealth. 

  • Independent

    Our independence allows us to set our own business strategy without external pressure, thereby giving us the freedom to focus on our sole purpose: managing your wealth.

  • Stable

    As part of the Pictet Group we are the beneficiaries of solid financial fundamentals that make it possible for us to weather market turmoil and geopolitical uncertainties.

Prix Pictet

Gauri Gill, winner of the tenth cycle of Prix Pictet: Hanuman Nath with his daughter and Hem Nath, on Holi day, Lunkaransar, from the series Notes from the Desert.

Leading Award for Photography and Sustainability

The Prix Pictet aims to harness the power of photography – all genres of photography – to draw global attention to issues of sustainability, especially those concerning the environment. Founded in 2008 by the Pictet Group, the Prix Pictet has become the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability. To date, there have been ten cycles of the award each of which has highlighted a particular facet of sustainability.

The Prix Pictet award was created in 2008 to draw attention to issues of environmental sustainability. It is now widely acknowledged as one of the most prestigious prizes in global photography.

The biennial prize is intended to stimulate action on issues of environmental sustainability, through outstanding photography.

Independent experts in photography nominate portfolios from up to three photographers each. The Prix Pictet accepts work from documentary and photojournalism to fine art and conceptual work. To date, over 4,500 photographers have been nominated, with entries shown at more than 100 exhibitions worldwide.

The jury includes curators, critics, and practitioners with expertise in visual arts or sustainable practice. They select a shortlist of twelve, balancing powerful imagery and relevance to the theme. In nine cycles since its foundation, the themes have been Water, Earth, Growth, Power, Consumption, Disorder, Space, Hope, Fire and Human.

The resulting selection is a curation of the world’s best and most affecting environmental photography.

Gauri Gill wins Prix Pictet ‘ Human’

Indian photographer Gauri Gill was announced on Thursday 28 September 2023 as the winner of the tenth cycle of the Prix Pictet, the global award for photography and sustainability. Gill was selected from a shortlist of 12 photographers by an independent jury. Gauri Gill’s work emphasises her belief in working with and through community, in what she calls ‘active listening’. For more than two decades, she has been closely engaged with marginalised communities in the desert of western Rajasthan, Northern India and for the last decade with Indigenous artists in Maharashtra.

More about the artist and her work


Earth Commission

As part of the Prix Pictet award, the Prix Pictet Commission is an invitation from the Partners of the Pictet Group to one of the nominated photographers to undertake a field trip to a region where the Bank are supporting a sustainability project run by a charity or other NGO.

The Pictet Group Foundation

The Pictet Group Foundation was established to provide a strategic framework for a philanthropic tradition maintained since the firm was established in 1805. It funds sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges in support of the shift to a responsible global economy. Since inception, the Foundation has championed initiatives across 35 countries and three continents. In the past three years it has positively affected the lives of more than 700,000 people.

The Foundation works in three ways. It awards strategic grants to not-for-profit organisations worldwide. Where Pictet has offices, it supports local non-profits, employee volunteering, and community engagement. And it responds to emergencies, providing humanitarian relief.

The main thematic focus areas of the Foundation are water and nutrition — two basic human needs vital to developing sustainable societies and two topics where Pictet has substantial investment expertise. The Foundation funds programmes that enable sustainable access to water, improved sanitation and hygiene.

‘Mentor mothers’ – the real heroes of Philani’s strategy. ©Philani, South Africa


The Pictet Group Foundation supports Philani, created in 1979 to address the multiple health and social crises in the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa. Philani identifies and trains ‘mentor mothers’ to connect families to medical treatment, provide nutrition education, monitor child development and build trust within communities. The Foundation funded 30 ‘mentor mothers’ and 3 preschools that provide education and nutritious meals for vulnerable children. Philani targets the critical first 1,000 days of child development, a period of significant physical and cognitive growth.